Reiki Heals Mental Imbalance

Dear Mr. William Rand, It is always pleasant to read your newsletters. It not only gives the insights of Reiki but makes one want to learn more and try to use Reiki on different problems and situations.I am Reiki 3rd channel and have been practicing Reiki for the last 3 years. Recently my Master had asked me and one more Reiki 2nd channel to help her to treat a psychologically imbalanced gentleman (a government employee not attending office for about 2 and half months), and glad to inform you that he could be cured just within 5 days. On the 1st day when we saw the gentleman, we were not sure for how many days we would need to continue the treatment as the symptoms were very peculiar. But the best part we observed was that he was very receptive, which boosted our morale. His throat was fully choked and one can barely understand his talks, his looks were very odd, his food habits were very strange, he wouldn't sleep until he is given the drugs (prescribed by the doctor). However after the first day's full body treatment we requested his wife not to give the drug for sleeping for the night until she feels that it is out of her control. The next day when the gentleman arrived for the treatment we found a significant change and his wife's opinion was very positive. After the full body treatment of the 2nd day we requested to stop one more medicine and observe as she had stopped one medicine on the first day and didn't face much problem. The treatment continued for 6 days and everyday we used to find real changes in him and the family of the gentleman was getting a sigh of relief. After the sixth day neither we nor the gentleman or his family felt that any more treatment is needed. He was ready for his duties. The smile, freshness on his face and the relief on his family's faces gave us our rewards. They were very pleased. But I told them that it is not we but the Cosmic energy Reiki that healed the gentleman, so we should thank Reiki for such an unconditional power.

I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to write this experience and getting published by you're kind efforts. May the power of Reiki bless your every moment.

Thank you Sir.