Reiki Heals Kidney Failure

I was recently involved with a sick child in the Children's hospital of Dallas coordinating distance Reiki and prayer requests. The child contracted the E coli bacteria by eating spoiled yogurt by mistake. He was sent to Children's Hospital of Dallas from Louisiana for kidney dialysis and treatment. The Grandmother, who heard I was a Reiki Practitioner from a friend, solicited my help to provide hands-on Reiki to the child. When the parents found out, they refused my and other Reiki Practitioners entry to see the child. So, I started an intense campaign to send prayers and distance Reiki. With the help of several Reiki Masters, the request was answered by Reiki Practitioners from all over the world. The child was in intensive care with failed kidneys and little hope to live, much less recover. After three days of intense distance Reiki and prayers, the child is now in stable condition and will be able to return to his home in Louisiana soon. Such is the power and miracle of Prayer and Distance Reiki.

So be it.