Reiki Heals IPF

I am a nurse and had been diagnosed by three of Davis' specialists, and all three gave me the diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which is considered be incurable. Recently I received Reiki treatments at a Reiki Sound Healing conference and felt somewhat better, but thought nothing more about it.

I had to have a lymph node removed and went to Ukaih to have this done as I knew this was a good hospital and I’d get proper care as they are associated with Loma Linda in Southern California. The attending doctor, who I had worked with in OR, decided to do a head, neck and chest CT and told me to take the DVD of the CT and give it to my Davis doctors, but said nothing else.

I took the DVD to my Davis doctor for my post-op check. He popped it into his computer, and asked me who the chest scan was from. I told him it was mine. He wanted to argue with me about having picked up the wrong DVD because THERE WERE NO LESIONS on my lungs at all. (You cannot have IPF without lesions and according to medical knowledge; a patient cannot heal from IPF.) It now appears that Reiki healed me of an incurable illness.

I am so thankful.