Reiki Heals Foot Pain

I had a woman come to me wanting me to prove to her that Reiki really does work. She only told me she had pain in the bottom of her one foot for years and the doctor said the only way to fix it would be to operate on her foot which terrified her. I worked on her starting out doing a full treatment until I got to her ankle. I felt I needed to stay there for the rest of the treatment and never touched the bottom of her foot were she said the pain was. When the treatment was done she mentioned this fact but I told her the treatment was over and that I felt that the pain was from her ankle. That’s when she told me that she broke her ankle while walking home from school in the winter when she was eight years old; she was now in her thirties. That was the last treatment she had as it has been eight years and as of today she has never had pain in that foot, she is totally amazed and tells everyone how Reiki helped her.