Reiki Heals Fibroids

Hi, my name is Rosie. Three years ago, I was told I had fibroids in my uterus as big as an orange plus other smaller ones causing my uterus to grow and cause very painful periods. Months before this discovery I had become Reiki One. I was attending some Reiki Practitioner's classes and so met a lot of people. In telling my story many of the practitioners offered to send distance Reiki as well as give Reiki treatments. I did my own too. A month an a half later, I saw the doctor again to have some ultrasound testing done to determine the date for the surgery. Sure enough, to the doctor's surprise and mine she only found a really small fibroid in my uterus and that my uterus was a normal size. I was very happy and impressed with such a miracle. I became Reiki two and finally got my Reiki mastership last year. I felt the need to pass this experience on to others. I've become a healer and love to help people to find the same joy I have. I can say Reiki is now a part of my life. May love and light surround all who read this.