Reiki Heals Depression

I would like to share about a treatment I gave some six months ago on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. During the past two and a half years, I have been working as a Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner and have treated around 1000 people during this time. Six months ago I was introduced to a middle aged lady who had booked a treatment. As soon as I was introduced to this lady, I knew something special was about to happen. This feeling, sixth scenes or intuition was something that developed after two years of giving hundreds of treatments and is a tool that I am able to use when it is needed, i.e. when a person has a deep seated emotional problem that they cannot talk about.

The client lay on the couch but I could sense that she was tense so I gently talked to her for 5 minutes and she started to relax. I noticed that her eyes were lifeless and started to feel a very strong energy field around her brow chakra. I started the hand positions and felt a feeling of calmness which became stronger with every hand position. My eyes were drawn to her face during the treatment and I could see her becoming calmer and more at peace as the treatment proceeded. By the end of the treatment she looked very calm and I gently woke her from her deep sleep.

The first thing I noticed about her was her eyes. They were full of life and as she spoke to me she seemed so alive, not like the lady I had seen one hour earlier. I asked her how she felt and with tears in her eyes she said "wonderful". She had seen a beautiful white light during the treatment which had made her feel safe, happy and calm. The experience she said had made her want to cry with joy. She told me that for forty years she had suffered from depression and that now she felt free! She said that she needed to go away on holiday to Cyprus to try and relax but felt that the real reason for her vacation was probably to have this Reiki treatment, although she had not even heard of Reiki before and only booked her treatment through a conversation she had with another guest at the hotel.

Reiki knew her problem and removed it, I knew it and so did she and after she left the treatment room, I felt very emotional. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy and I am fortunate to be able to treat so many people. I am now on a new journey, and am living in my home country "England" and with the help from the Reiki universe, am opening my own Reiki clinic.