Reiki Heals a Collarbone

One of my clients who had been coming to me with headaches, which were cured by using Reiki not drugs, unfortunately got into a bad car accident, leaving her with a broken collarbone. She called to say she wasn’t going to come to her next session because of the accident. Knowing that Reiki could help her I suggested that she still come. I did Reiki on the collarbone and her body for a few sessions. It was healing very well, and she could actually feel the healing of her bone during the last session. At that point, it was time for her two-month checkup from the doctor. As he was examining her, he looked at her in a perplexed way. He first asked which side she had broken as he couldn’t tell. She pointed to the right side and after he examined her further, he stated that it had healed as if it had been an injury from two years ago, not two months ago. She just smiled and said, “REIKI fixed it!” He didn’t know what that was but seemed quite happy with the results. I hope that he went home and researched it and is now a believer in Reiki and all that it can do.