Reiki Heals Broken Arm

It happened here in Acapulco while I was visiting my mother. The water compartment below the kitchen floor was open, and I did not see it. My left leg went inside and the right one twisted behind me. The upper portion of my arm, the humerus was broken. I saw three different doctors and their opinion was that because of my age of 61 years and the bad shape of the fracture, my bone would not heal. They said I needed surgery and prosthesis in my shoulder. I did not have the money to pay for it and did not want to have surgery. I came home and prayed with all my heart to God asking to be healed with Reiki, and I began giving myself Reiki sessions. The injury happened on November 1 st. At the end of December, my arm was 80% healed, and by the end of January, it was 100% healed. My doctor could not believe it. He said my case was unique! I don’t have any discomfort at all; I move my arm as if nothing had happened. I saw that miracle in me as I have seen a lot of miracles during my nine years as a Reiki Master and wanted to share my story with other practitioners. I will always bless my Reiki Teachers, especially Donna McMillan, Hari Tahil, Petya Lowe and Julio Cortés; thanks to Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Mrs. Takata and all my Reiki Guides, and thanks to you Mr. Rand for your wonderful work! God bless you my dear friends.