Reiki Heals Bird

During the summer of 2000, while sitting in my living room, I noticed a boy on his bike stop in the street in front of my house. I went out to see what was bothering the young boy. In the road was a sparrow that had been hit by a car and was bleeding internally. Being a Reiki Master I took the bird to my garage while doing Reiki on his spirit. I called to my wife so she could also give Reiki to the bird. Than both of us did Reiki to the bird on and off for at least forty minutes. The Reiki energy brought the small bird out of its deep sleep and all bleeding stopped as far as we could tell. The bird looked up at me for at least thirty seconds and flew to a nearby bush. It looked in my direction one more time as if to say "thank you" and flew away. From that day on the energy coming from me has become stronger and stronger, with wonderful healings of all degrees. Thank you for reading this letter and remember to use your Reiki gift everyday.