Reiki Heals Back Pain

September of last year I was on holiday in the Greek Island of Kephalonia. We met a nice couple and after to getting to know them a little they explained John was going through a highly stressful time at work, and since then was suffering severe pain with his back and it was ruining his holiday. I talked a little about Reiki and offered a treatment to see if I could help. We agreed on a time and John sat on a chair and I began. In moments his breathing became extremely ragged and labored and he was moaning loudly. To my amazement he began pouring with sweat, to the extent he looked as though I'd dunked him into a swimming pool. Throughout all of this my guide kept telling me to continue. When finished, after two glasses of water he calmed down enough to tell me his experience. When I moved down his back he felt hands going inside of him and re-organizing something, he felt as though he was going to be violently sick, then as the feeling began to dissipate and the sweat began to flow unchecked he knew something major was happening to him. At this point I left him to take control and to have a shower. One hour later he met us with no more pain! He remained this way for the rest of his holiday. I can honestly say that was the most remarkable experience for me and for him.

Thank you, Reiki.