Reiki Heals Baby in Hospital

I recently was called to a local hospital to perform Reiki on a one-year-old baby who was very ill with chronic vomiting. On a Saturday, I did Reiki on the baby and on his mother and was guided to do a Reiki attunement on both baby and mother so that the mother could give the baby Reiki frequently and so the baby would be more open to receiving Reiki.

The baby had a procedure done under anesthesia on Monday. I called to check on the baby and his mother reported that he wasn’t coming out of anesthesia and that his heart rate was up to 230 (normal is 141 for his age) and his oxygen level was 91 (100 is normal). There was a nurse in the room monitoring him and he was attached to some machines that took these readings. They were considering moving him to intensive care.

I told the mother I had ½ hour to work on him from a distance since one of my clients had rescheduled. I scanned him and found blockages in his head, lungs, abdomen, and leg. I did Aura Clearing and then sent him distance Reiki for 30 minutes. Then I called back to see how he was doing. His mother reported that his heart rate had dropped to 150 and his oxygen level had risen to 96. She said the nurses were amazed as they watched the numbers change on the monitors. A couple more nurses came in to see what was happening. As I spoke with the mother, the numbers continued to improve after I quit sending Reiki. She reported that the baby had been given the anesthesia in his leg and it was thought the needle pulled out of the correct placement and was putting anesthesia into his tissue, which was why he wasn’t coming out of the anesthesia. She was amazed that I found the block in his leg when I did the scanning.

His mother continues to give him daily Reiki and is now taking my Reiki classes. I am thankful to God for this wonderful demonstration of the power of Reiki in a quantitative way. May Reiki bless more patients in hospitals!