A Reiki Healing Experience

Recently while sitting next to my nine-year-old daughter in a car leading to the top of one of the highest roller coaster hills in the world, I place my arm across my daughters body to help ease her trepidation and anxiety (and mine) about the upcoming controlled fall through space... leaving my arm across her body, we began the accelerating descent... Without realizing what she was doing, my daughter bit down on the back side of my triceps muscle and hung on... Amidst the howling of all the riders my daughter heard my howling plea to stop biting me... and did so... I could tell that she had gotten me good and wondered (as the ride continued) whether the liquid feeling in the spot of the injury was blood flowing... exiting the ride I could tell that my arm was swollen and that the skin felt broken... we (my wife, daughter, son and myself) examined the injury... although her teeth had not torn my t-shirt (through which she had bitten me) the skin was torn and the injury was black and blue and extremely swollen... I could feel the swelling moving outwards and inwards and remember thinking "Oh, this will be with me for a few days... it felt that bad" Distressed and profusely apologizing, my daughter placed her hand over the wound and immediately started sending healing into the wound, and for the next hour she and my wife applied hands on healing Reiki energy to the wound.... After that hour of treatment (which was performed while we walked around the amusement park enjoying other attractions)... examination of the wound revealed that the skin was no longer broken, the swelling both in and out had dissipated by 90% and I was no longer experiencing any discomfort at all... a month later now with only a small scar on my arm, all of us are still marveling at the incredible power of Reiki when driven by such sincere intent.