Reiki Healed Poisoned Birds

This is one of my very early experiences with Reiki. It happened before I became a Master Teacher in 2001. I initially learnt Reiki to heal my old ex-racehorse (with great success). Where I kept my horses there was a huge barn next to the stables. The barn was leased to a man who built boats in it. Due to the sparrows and other birds flying in and pooping on the boats, this man laid out poison to kill the birds. One day visiting the horses I almost tripped over a tiny sparrow sitting there on the ground. It was not happy. It was lifting its wing and using its beak with some agitation under the wing area. Well I started beaming Reiki from a few feet away, and within 25 minutes the sparrow became more and more settled, started to hop around more and more, then finally it flew away! I was amazed. I had been mentally asking "does this Reiki REALLY work?” I felt this was a definite YES answer! Now this happened many many more times with the poisoned birds, they almost "lay in wait for me" or so it felt like. Sometimes they were unable to stand properly and would roll right over, and each would slowly recover, first by being able to stand, and then hop a little, then more and more, then getting to the point of flying away! (It never took longer than 25 minutes, sometimes less). I knew Reiki purified foods of chemical sprays, additives and the like — I often treat one plate of food with Reiki and leave a second plate of the same food untreated — the taste differences between the two are amazing. I presumed a similar thing was happening with the poison in the birds. P.S. I had always been very very scared of birds flying around due to an incident in my grandparents’ hen house as a child. (Even though I loved birds I could not bear them flying around me). Since the poisoned birds, I have got braver and braver, now I keep pet hens and a pet rooster, plus rescue fledgling birds who have fallen from their nests and hand feed them until they are old enough to fly away. This is a great blessing for me too.