Reiki Ends Alcohol Addiction

I thought I'd share my Reiki experience. Having been a hard-core drinker since I was a teenager, drinking a bottle and some beers every day until I was 35, it eventually caught up with me. After injuring my back, I had unlimited time to drink. I moved to Thailand with the intention of drinking myself to death; kind of like the movie "Leaving Las Vegas". In Thailand I was soon drinking between two to three fifths of 90 proof rum per day (plus beer. I did this for nearly a year. I had no intention of quitting but sought out a Reiki treatment just to alleviate my pain. I went to Cory's place and three treatments later I was no longer addicted. Of course I became interested in Reiki and am now a Reiki master myself. (In William Lee Rand lineage, through Cory.) Not only did Reiki cease my addiction, it actually cured my alcoholism! These days I can drink if I want. I only drink "good stuff" and rarely do I drink at all. But I can and do when I want; I’m free to do as I please. I have many more Reiki stories, a few just as "miraculous"! But that's my big one; Reiki saved and transformed my life.