Reiki During Child Birth

I was interested to read your article about Reiki and pregnancy as I just had an amazing experience with Reiki at child birth. My daughter-in-law, Nela was taken into hospital the 27th of October when her water broke. Very little else happened and they wanted to induce labor which she definitely didn't want. She rang me from the hospital and I offered to go down and help.

We arrived at six o'clock that evening. My partner and I both put our hands on her abdomen and she went into labor! I gave her Reiki treatments at regular intervals during the night. The baby eventually showed signs of distress as the mother was unable to push. At this point a suction cup was used and the baby arrived weighing nine pounds, six ounces. I gave him an auric massage and lots of Reiki especially just above his head. He was very sleepy the next day. He is now very alert for 5 weeks and thriving. My son, a complete skeptic, says that the onset of labor and the Reiki hands-on is pure coincidence! I am convinced that is not the case.