Reiki Clears Spirit Attachment

I have been using Reiki since 1998 when I was first trained. Since then I became a Reiki Master teacher, a Karuna Reiki® Master teacher and have studied Crystal Reiki. Last year I was trained again as a Holy Fire Reiki Master teacher. I am amazed with the Holy Fire energy and with the gentleness others receive. During the last two months, I have had a client with a serious health problem that has persisted for the past three years. She had gone to many doctors and none of them could determine a physical reason for why she vomited every time she ate. Some of the doctors that she consulted told her that it was due to her mental condition. She was at her wits’ end.

At that point, I had recently moved to Colorado and had spoken to my new pastor about Reiki. He spoke to this particular woman, recommending that she come to see me. She eventually did make an appointment and from her description of her health problems, I mentioned that she may have a spirit attachment. I asked her if I had her permission to see if this was true. She agreed. I used the Holy Fire spirit attachment tools and techniques with her. She did have an attachment, and it was cleared. Because of her health issues and weakened state, I recommended that she have two more sessions within a 10-day period. I also felt that her home needed to be cleared. She allowed me to come to her home to see if there were any attachments there. I went into every room of her house and cleared each room. When we got to her bedroom, as I was trying to clear it, she felt ill again and mentioned that to me. I checked her chakras and she was shut down again. Once I cleared her chakras, I went back to clearing her bedroom. Once all the rooms were cleared I gave her Holy Fire Reiki. For my third session with her, I returned to her home to check again to see if she was clear and her home was clear of any attachments. All was clear. When I was ready to leave her home, she commented that she had a slight headache. While standing in her kitchen, I again gave her Holy Fire Reiki and her whole body appeared to be realigning. She has not been ill since. She is thinking more clearly, her energy has returned and she now can eat anything without vomiting.