Reiki Cat

My cat Fergus is a Reiki cat (since February when I began my Master's path) and has on occasion put his warm paws or his whole loving self by me or on me when I was in need of healing. He loves to sit with me while giving Reiki. He is very giving and friendly whenever visitors come around. I value him as a guide and a teacher on my own spiritual journey.

But one afternoon, my beloved Fergus came home looking a bit sorry for himself. I couldn't detect anything wrong but he slept for a long time under the top cover on the bed. When he woke up his front leg had swollen up and I worried that he'd got an infected scratch. The next day was Sunday which I spent reading with Fergus either on my lap or next to me sending him almost constant Reiki. I was able to find the injury: it looked as though another cat had bitten either side of his forearm that was making his 'wrist' tender. I bathed it in saline solution and Reiki all day.

The following day I woke with the thought that we'd have to go to the vet unless he was walking properly again. Thankfully he was. Fergus came to me a few times that day for an extra Reiki boost. He recovered very quickly without infection.

My Tai Chi teacher’s cat who I had not yet met was very recently ill. I offered to send Reiki in return for a massage treatment. This eight-year-old cat had had a lot of fluid drained from around his lungs from an infected bite and my teacher was expecting a very large vet bill. I sent Reiki that afternoon and evening and was very pleasantly surprised to meet the feline in question the very next day. Apparently, the vet had been amazed at the swift recovery. His 'Mum' was pleased at the significantly smaller bill too. The cat is continuing to receive Reiki and loving thoughts from family members.