Reiki on Campus

I feel that I am the most blessed Reiki Master in the world. I recently had the honour of attuning 12 college students to Level I and II and then spending Monday evenings with them for seven weeks as they learned the techniques and experienced Reiki in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. This was the first time our college has offered Reiki as a one credit class through our Complementary & Alternative Medicine program, hosted by the Athletic Training Department. Reiki could be another wonderful connection for our students—a connection to relaxation and calm focus. Several students were amazed that they seemed to be studying less and doing better on exams... I think they were just more focused and studying more efficiently... but let’s hear from them directly.

At the end of the last class, I asked students to share something from their Reiki Journals which they had kept during their training. I am humbled and bursting with pride at the same time. Each student had a miraculous story to tell. Here are just a few snippets from their Reiki journals:

“...before school began I found out that I was pregnant... This was great news, but... I was very nervous and apprehensive because I knew what was in store for me. I have ADHD and OCD and have been taking medication for years. Finding out, I knew I was going to have to cut down or go off from my medication all together. This really scared me because I figured it would probably affect my ability to work, focus, and sit still during class. I went off two of my medications all together and had to cut down on another one. A few weeks into the semester I could feel the affects of the decrease in my medication affecting my school work and ability to concentrate. I especially have problems with writing, focusing my attention on main points, staying calm and motivated, and not getting to anxious or stressed out about my difficulties with such things. After attending Reiki class... it was as though I was back on my meds. My body reacted as though Reiki was medicating me in the same way. I am able to stay focused, calm, stress-free, and things just seem to be flowing.”

“After I was attuned I noticed that it helped me stop smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in almost 3 weeks. The first two days were hard but I don’t even want one anymore”

“I am a lot calmer about things that I would have normally freaked out about. My art is clicking like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never had my art click and flow like this before. I feel very in tune with my art. It makes me think I’ve found what I’m supposed to do, and that’s an awesome feeling. I’ve also been a lot calmer with just about everything.”

”I am so grateful to have found Reiki. It is the piece that has been missing from my soul. I feel that I am not even the same person who began this class. I like this person so much better. In fact, I love her and everyone I meet, what a gift!... I have found what I have been searching for for fifty years...”

“When I came into class I was in the worst mood ever, my sculpture project didn’t work, my drawing class was hard. I was even thinking about not going to class. But I did! I gave a treatment with some other people and it was helping my mood, then I got a treatment and I was still kind of (grumpy) and upset, but a few minutes after my mood completely changed. I was happy... It was great. “

“While having a Reiki treatment in class I had the experience of feeling the tension rise out of my spine, up through my body and out. It was a very interesting feeling, and I felt great afterwards.”

“I did Reiki treatments on my husband and my son and they both got relief from their pains.”

During my few weeks spent studying the affects of Reiki on the human body and all of the wondrous purposes that it can be used for I was finding every excuse to use it on other people. I was really surprised by the subtlety of the actual energy that I learned as Reiki and the attunement process was very relaxing and enjoyable. I enjoy giving and receiving Reiki treatments because they are very serene and relaxing... This was the best experience I have had so far here at college...