A Reiki Birth Story

Dear William, I am writing to share with you and your readers the wonderful experiences I had at the birth of my son in January this year and how Reiki was such a major part of his gestation and actual birth.

Soon after I discovered I was pregnant, I was lucky enough to have my masters re-attuned at Stonehenge, a truly wonderful connection that not only empowered my Reiki but also created a deep bond with my unborn child. All through my pregnancy I continued to give attunements (and became noticeably larger after each workshop!) and really felt intune with both Reiki and the baby.

Then the real magic happened the day of his birth. For a variety of reasons I decided to have an elective caesarian this time and wanted to make the experience as spiritual as possible. One of my students and close friends who had previously been a midwife agreed to be my birth partner and gained permission to Reiki the operating theatre beforehand. On the morning, she smudged the entire theatre and theatre staff (who were totally intrigued and very supportive, then used the Power symbol to Reiki the whole theatre and operating table. We then played a CD of women's empowerment songs, which created a lovely and calm atmosphere for my son to be born into.

Since his birth, he really has been the most chilled out baby I have ever known and I am sure this has everything to do with Reiki.

I think it is important to remember that healing with Reiki is such a small part of what it has to offer. The boundaries of opportunity and empowerment are immense and it's integration into everyday life is such a blessing.