Reiki and Surgery

I just wanted to thank everyone who channeled some Reiki healing to me for my surgery. I was so nervous and so worried because I have had multiple surgeries and have had many complications after my surgeries that for this surgery, I was so scared. I put in a healing request on this website and it is hard to explain. The Wednesday before my scheduled surgery on Thursday, July 26 to have a right ulnar nerve transposition, I was really fritzed out and could do nothing. I already am limited because of my injuries and my surgeries, but I was so freaked out. Then all of a sudden, I felt this calming presence all over me and I knew that my surgery was going to be okay. I had put in the healing request on that Monday and it said that it would take a couple of days to start. The actual surgery was very successful and I had no complications and I came out of the surgery fairly easily. I am now starting the long road for therapy and will still need Reiki healing to help me complete and have a successful therapy. Thank you! I can't explain everything because I have never had an experience or did I really believe, but after having so many surgeries and so many complications, I knew that I would have to embrace other sources and other healing possibilities. With love to all!