Reiki and Pregnancy

Reiki does a lot of good for pregnant women. I can verify this by my own students. One of our members was attuned as a master just two weeks before giving birth. The baby girl was only 3.2 kg, but after just three weeks (or maybe four at the most), she can lift her head and is very smart too. She enjoys people playing with her and she always smiles. Her radiance is also different being bright and really lovable. Another one of our members was attuned to Reiki level one when she was two months pregnant (first pregnancy too). She gave birth without too much difficulty with just four hours of pain. And we have one more master due in five weeks. So far the mother feels very OK.

By the way, I have also attuned a lady to Reiki one and two when she was just two months pregnant. After the attunements, she almost stopped vomiting and even if she did once in a week, it was only very light, not with the retching like wanting to empty her whole intestines. So I say Reiki is good for pregnant women.