Reiki and Meningitis

A few weeks ago I submitted a request for distant healing for a seven-year-old girl who was suddenly taken ill and appeared to have meningitis. She developed huge swelling around her brain and became unconscious. She was rushed up to Guy's hospital in London and put on life-support. The parents were told she might be brain-damaged if she regained consciousness. They were not hopeful she would be able to breath on her own for a long time, if at all, and they might at some time have to make the decision to switch off the life-support machine.

I spoke to my son, a friend of the girl's father, yesterday and was astonished to hear she was not on the life-support machine and back home. She could walk and talk and was last seen singing and dancing!

She is being monitored to see how she gets on at school now and is still having some physiotherapy on one leg, but what a result! Thank you to all who sent her healing and WELL DONE! What a team!

God Bless, In Love and Peace,