Reiki and Infertility

We have been married for over six years and have wanted a child. During this time, we had sexual intercourse regularly with this purpose in mind but were not able to conceive.

Friends and family regularly spoke to us about this, and this caused us a lot of shame. We always accused each other for not been potent which lead us to conduct a medical test after which she was told that because she has been operated on and has only one ovum it would be very difficult for her to produce. I was told that I have a very low sperm count. Hearing this placed us in a lot of distress. However, I became a Reiki three and she received Reiki one training and we began doing Reiki for conception. We are happy to say that she is now pregnant. We are so blessed to find out about Reiki. I invite all Reiki practitioners to send us Reiki energy until July 2007 when the baby is due.