Reiki and Eye Problem

For the past five years I have had the pleasure of being able to baby-sit my two grandchildren while their mother worked. I began when they were six weeks old, and they are now five and two. During the hours I was with them, I used Reiki on them whenever they had a health issue or just to give them good energy. My five-year-old grandson had an eye problem since birth as his eye constantly teared up with water. The doctor said if it did not stop they would have to do surgery. Each day I performed Reiki on his eye, and it did stop. I cannot say that the Reiki 'cured' his problem, but he never had to have surgery. I am relieved about that. When they were babies if they were crying or upset, I would also do Reiki for them, and it soothed them. It was quite amazing how my grandson would just lie there and enjoy the Reiki energy. He would be very still and peaceful. I am constantly amazed at how Reiki also helps my husband who will ask me to do Reiki on aches and pains he has and how afterwards he says the pain is gone. He does not usually go for this kind of 'New Age stuff' but he is a believer that Reiki does work.