Reiki and Dentistry

I passed my bachelor degree in Dentistry June 2003 and I am doing my internship in City Dental College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I got the opportunity to learn Reiki about a year back. Since then I've been practicing Reiki with my daily dental practice.

During my placement in the Department of Oral Surgery and Anesthesiology I received a most unexpected but fruitful outcome with Reiki. One of the most fascinating is while I was extracting a lower 3rd molar.

I was heading for my department and on the way I saw a middle-aged woman with a pitiful face with her hand over her left cheek. After entering the room one of the clerks introduced me to her. She is about 40 years old. She is a poor lady who makes her living by washing clothes and she had come far away from Dhaka just for the treatment of her toothache. I examined her intra-orally and found she had a badly broken and tender lower left 3rd molar with much of the crown broken. I suggested for an X-ray but the local anesthesia did not work properly due to the acidic pH of pus. In this case there was no complaint of pain and the badly broken tooth came out easily with out any bone removal or tooth sectioning.

I then curetted and irrigated the socket thoroughly and gave her a cotton pack. She was still cooperative, calm and over-all satisfied. Just then, my head of department arrived and even he was surprised to see such a tooth that came out so easily. She left with blessings and gratitude. I gave her few analgesics but I could not give her antibiotics.

That night I sent Reiki through distant healing technique. The patient came to meet me after a few weeks and unexpectedly she was completely well and she told me that she didn't even have to use the analgesics I gave her. Though she was poor, she gave me one of the most expensive gifts a patient could ever give to a doctor, her satisfaction and gratitude.