Reiki and Cardiomyopathy

Thank you for such a wonderful newsletter! I am so glad that I found your web site. I have received my 2nd level Reiki training and practice self-Reiki daily. I provide Reiki for interested friends and loved ones! I'll briefly share my story.

I was diagnosed in August 2002, with cardiomyopathy or chronic congestive heart failure. At the time of the diagnosis I became severely out of breath walking across my living room. I was started on medication by my cardiologist and I believed my heart could heal. I began my Reiki training in January 2004, and since then have reduced my medication by two-thirds and am enjoying high and low impact aerobics classes 3-4 times weekly. Simply amazing healing! I have had success in Reiki treatments with migraine headaches and sciatica. My training is in occupational therapy and I am a practicing aromatherapist.