Reiki and Cancer

For the last 20 months I have been treating two ladies who both had cancer. They both went through all the normal medical treatments and followed the specialist advice. Each one attended a weekly session of Reiki healing and I treated them both in the same way. The first lady showed remarkable results as my visualizations, prayers and work began to slice, snip and unwind a large lump in the cancerous area. Initially her scan showed that it had become ‘see through' and less dense and this type of work continued for three months each time getting smaller. All of this work happened prior to my reading of how to perform psychic surgery. After Christmas of that year I studied the Reiki Master Manual and asked permission to practice. The client agreed that anything was worth a try. I read and re-read and prepared my own shortlist of what to do. I then followed the procedure very closely and gradually the 'growth' began to reveal a shape, color, name, size etc and one day actually 'burst' out of the client's back like a red golf ball. The following week she awoke to find the red ball banging to get back into her back! All of the treatments resulted in the release of emotional sufferings of anger, rage, hurt, and old resentments from a very young age. Counseling and serious discussion of all of the issues followed the releases. Every time some strange object was released and sent direct to the violet flame and up to God. There are far too many to describe here e.g. a worm, a coiled snake, a black beetle with blue spots, something 'chuckling', something 'hiding' (evidently from me - the healer!) In the end, she was completely healed of her cancer.

The coincidences between this client and the second client were quite remarkable and neither of them knew or had any contact with the other and no information was ever revealed. The second client began with a large 'black thing' flying off the top of her head. At one stage she also felt and 'saw' a red ball shoot out from the solar plexus area! Equally each revelation brought all the old pains and stresses from several years ago and it easily related to the time the cancer started.

During many of the treatments both clients were aware of 'other hands' working and actually saw several other people on different occasions. Indeed there are so many strange but wonderful situations that are far too numerous to mention. The information from both case studies has been a massive learning curve for me and I know that Reiki is the most magical gift this world can possess. I need also to state that healing powers came to my hands before I had heard of Reiki but since the continuing study and practice to become a Reiki Master the healing power is absolutely staggering. Both clients experienced considerable healing and one is completely healed. The other is making wonderful progress and continues to come for treatments which leave her feeling filled with sparkling energy.

I completely love the work that I am doing and hope that one day Reiki will be spread far and wide. It is the positive joy of Love that allows release of the negative powers of the opposite. Nothing can defeat Love which has patience, kindness and forgiveness all rolled into the very meaning of the word