Reiki and Aortic Aneurysm

While driving home from work with my husband he started to get abdominal pain. I offered to take him back to the hospital; where I work, in Boston but he thought the pain would subside by the time we got home in New Hampshire. Well, the pain became severe. While driving home, I gave him Reiki. The pain would get a little better then get worse. By the time we got home he finally agreed to go to the hospital.

I was giving him Reiki the whole time we were in the emergency room. He had been bleeding for five hours; from the time the symptoms first started to the time he went into the operating room. The surgeon told me it would take four hours for surgery and one hour in the recovery room.

Two hours later I saw the surgeon with my husband on their way to ICU. She told me everything went smoothly and she finished very quickly. I said, "Of course it went smoothly, I was doing Reiki for him the whole time." She told me most people die from this. When we go for his follow-up appointments, they call him a legend. I know it was the Reiki that kept him alive along with a very skilled surgeon.