Reiki at an AIDS Hospice

A few years ago, I moved to a new town. I wanted Reiki to be a big part of my workday so I offered volunteer treatments at Rainbow Home, an AIDS hospice. I felt this work would let the Universe know I wanted to do more and more Reiki treatments.

On my first day offering Reiki treatments, a young man in a wheel chair asked if it was voodoo with a crooked smile on his face, I told him it was good voodoo.

Within a few weeks of treatments he was walking with a cane. A few months later, he told me how he wished he could do to himself what I did through Reiki. It did not take me long to attune him, explain the bare necessities “put your hands on yourself” and left for the day. The next day Harold had the biggest smile for me as he said “ I did to myself what you have been doing, it worked.”

As time went by he became a Reiki Master and he would help in offering Reiki to other residents even the ones needing assistance in the dying process.

Within three months I was given a two-year grant to offer weekly treatments to residents and staff. I even attuned some of them to level one offering the teachings as we went along.

The nurses noticed that when a resident received a session, he did not need pain or sleep meds. When I attuned a resident, they had to pay attention to all his meds, as significant reductions had to be made.

The benefits did not stop there, when I started my visits 16 men sat side by side waiting for death. Within two years they became emotional brothers creating a candle making business to raise money for group activities. The residents had become a family of sorts. The ones who died in those years had a gentler passing with the help of Reiki.