Rattlesnake Bite

One late Saturday afternoon at about 5:30 p.m. I received a telephone call. The line was full of interference, therefore, I could not hear well what the young lady on the other end was trying to tell me, but I perceived that someone was in danger and needed my help. This young lady is the girlfriend of my Reiki level two student.

I told her not to cry and I will send Reiki healing energies to him. She hung up and I sat down immediately to meditate to find out what is the matter but could not see the images well but knew he was in danger. I sent distance Reiki. Another telephone call came and it was from another one of his sisters telling me he had been bitten by a rattlesnake. I told her not to worry. I have sent Reiki healing energies to him and rush him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

A third telephone call came this time, from the hospital, from another sister. All the ladies were crying thinking he would die. I talked to them and calmed them down saying believe in Reiki and in God that he will be well. The next day I visited him in the hospital and he related the following to me. He said he would normally wear his boots for protection against snakebite but that day he was too busy. When he was walking in the fields he felt something scratch his left ankle. He thought it was barbed-wire and did not give it any attention. Then suddenly there was a flash before him and he saw my face and he felt something wrong. He looked behind him and saw the rattlesnake was ready for a second strike. He moved away quickly and yelled to his brother to bring the car.

He said when he saw the rattlesnake he was frozen for a moment. Then he remembered my advice, always apply Reiki when in doubt. He immediately applied Reiki on the bitten area. By then his brother and father came to take him to the nearest hospital that is about 90 kilometers away. He told me when he applied Reiki on the bitten area the pain was much worse than the snakebite but he also remembered to bear with it. His brother drove like a mad person to rush him to the hospital in forty minutes time. He said after twenty minutes the pain subsided and he felt good and normal. When they arrived at the hospital he was given an injection of anti-serum for snakebite since he knew he was bitten by a rattlesnake. He was warded for twenty hours for observation. He also related another strange happening to me. He said there was an older man in the same ward bitten by a snake and he was suffering from severe pain so he went over and applied Reiki and within twenty minutes the pain was gone. He was very happy he could extend his help to another.

When I arrived at his ward there was a young lady doctor on duty checking on him. I asked how his condition was. She said he was in perfect condition and did not believe he was bitten by a rattlesnake. I asked her why is that? She said he has no symptoms of a rattlesnake bite that can potentially cause temporary blindness, severe swelling on the bitten limb, and he has none of  these symptoms. We looked at each other and smiled to ourselves. You see in Brazil the medical doctors here think Reiki is nothing more then hocus-pocus so we would not tell them what we did. I saw the fang marks were about two inches wide so I believe it to be a big rattlesnake. He said the snake was about a meter and a half long.

Days later his family of 15 members came to my residence to thank me for saving his life. I said it was he who saved his own life, for he believed in Reiki and me.

Reiki can do and will do wonders for those who believe in it. I always said Reiki is love that cures.