Practicing in a Hospital

Here is some encouragement for those of you inspired to help people. I was asked to provide Reiki in our small town hospital. The town has a population of about 3,000 people. It is an agricultural community. It took some time before it all came together but I knew it would when the time was right. They asked me to participate in the local health fair. I did 15-minute sessions. The people that attended were so receptive. I was still giving sessions for an hour after the health fair was over.

People with aches and pains walked away with relief. The hospital administrator told me "now I know we must have Reiki in the hospital." They knew it was being provided in big town hospitals but were unsure how to handle the credentialing. The company that provides this service for them didn't know what to do ether. I gave them a copy of my master certificate and a letter of recommendation from my Reiki teacher Dr. B.J. Ferral. The hospital board of directors decided to accept these. The administrative staff was very thorough to make sure they did not put themselves in a poor legal position for liability. They decided to have me come in as a subcontractor. I will rent a room and provide a table, the advertising and insurance.

We are starting at one day a week, and will expand according to demand. We also provided the doctors stories of how Reiki is used in other hospitals. I know as they start seeing the benefits they will start giving me referrals.

It is exciting to me every time I provide a Reiki session and see the clients eyes light up. I know I have been blessed and am ready to share it with all. I hope this will help anyone that would like to provide Reiki in their local hospital.

In Light