Powerful Reiki

I have only taken the first Reiki class and received the first atonement. I am so shocked at the results that I achieve when doing Reiki to myself. It is so very strong I can watch it adjust my knee that tends to turn in when I walk. Adjust my spine and watch it go to different organs in my body and energize them. I have a hard time controlling it at times. It will just start like when I am driving in the car and it will adjust my shoulders or if I have been sitting at the computer too long. It just starts all by itself. Once while I was at my therapist’s I got into a very upsetting subject and I just started to go through my body to calm me down. It was a little hard to explain to the therapist. Also once when I was hospitalized for pneumonia. It started on my heart while undergoing an EKG, which they had to repeat, and could not explain the original results.