Pinkeye Healed

I work as a massage therapist in a Physical Therapy clinic. I am also a Reiki Master and use Reiki during my massages. One day the PT came into the office wearing dark glasses. At first we were teasing her that she went Hollywood on us but she revealed that she had contracted pinkeye from one of her patients. She reported that her eyes were inflamed, watery, red and itchy, and very uncomfortable and she planned on seeing the doctor for some eye drops after work. Pinkeye is highly contagious so I did not want to touch her directly. So I had her sit facing me on a chair about 10 feet apart and held my hands up and let the Reiki flow directly into her eyes. First I told her I would take away the watery feeling in her eyes. Soon my eyes began to water as it released from her (I'm an empathic healer), then I told her I would get rid of the itchiness. She soon reported that her eyes were not itchy anymore. Then after that I told her I would remove the redness. She said she could feel it leaving her eyes. After about 10 minutes, she reported a vast improvement. She took off her dark glasses and revealed that one eye was completely clear of infection and the other one had only some redness left; certainly better than when she came into the clinic. The next day she reported to me that the pinkeye was gone and she did not need to go to the doctor for eye drops. Needless to say we were both delighted with the results.