Pet Healing with Reiki

I am so grateful to be able to share Reiki with those around me. My youngest daughter became so interested as she observed the effect Reiki had on me that she began to request that I read my Reiki books to her at night. At age 11 now, she has been attuned to Level II. We have woven Reiki into all aspects of our day and are blessed by it.

We found an injured cat recently and brought it to the vet clinic. She had lost most of an ear and had an open wound down her entire left side, about two inches wide. Remarkably, there was no infection. She was glad to have attention and was responsive. We named her Hope. Two days past before it hit me, duh-h-h-h as my kid’s say — use Reiki. With only a ten-minute session that evening, the next day the exposed tissue had turned from a dark red color to light pink. With just a few minutes each day her healing intensified. The wound was so responsive to Reiki. Within 12 hours after a mini-session, the healing was visible to the eye. I am continuously reminded of the gift that Reiki is for our lives.

Many blessings to you all...