Passing Over Peacefully

A very good friend of mine was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Throughout her illness she refused all pain relief. I treated her regularly with another Reiki master and this kept her pain at bay.

Eventually she was overcome and she was rushed into hospital. Her daughter telephoned me and said my friend was thrashing around in pain and was very agitated and scared. I immediately phoned the friend who had been treating her with Reiki, alongside myself, and headed for the hospital.

On arrival we were shocked to see how much pain she was in. She had once again refused morphine. We put our hands on her immediately and within a few minutes the change in her was remarkable. She become still and calm and her pain vanished. She was just about able to speak, the cancer had gone to her throat, and she said her late husband was standing behind me. The look on her face was one of immense joy and I have no doubt she was seeing him at this time.

My friend had always been very scared of dying but as the end got nearer it was obvious to all in the room her fear was gone. We carried on giving her Reiki right up until she passed over. She was conscious all the time but her passing was peaceful and pain free.

I have given Reiki treatments many times but this experience will always be with me. To have been able to help another soul to pass over without pain and fear was a truly wonderful andamazing experience.