Online Classes and Ignitions Really Work

Before the end of June 2020, all my classes had been in person, but then the coronavirus reared its ugly head. Although I was skeptical at first, my desire to take the Karuna Master level overcame my initial reservations. I received the Ignitions for Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master level the last weekend in June. I was excited for the opportunity to do a distant session for someone other than family and friends, and to use the Karuna symbols and become more familiar with their subtle energy nuances.

When it was time for my first session, I prepared the room and asked that Reiki guide me through the session. I felt concerned about doing a Byosen scan. I have done plenty in person but distance, never. I placed a pillow on my lap and used it as a surrogate while I visualized the location of my hands regarding the body as I passed them over the pillow. I received loud and clear information on the areas in which I needed to work. I felt that my client was experiencing a headache, and intuition was telling me to focus on the neck and shoulder region. I was also guided to concentrate on the sacral and root areas. It didn’t take long before I noticed that the areas to which I intended the Holy Fire® Reiki to flow in my client directly corresponded to the very same places in my body. There I was experiencing intense energy, sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable.

Before completing the session, I spent extra time at her feet to ground her. I gave her plenty of time to come back when she was ready. We discussed her experience, and she confirmed that she had a headache and that she has slipped disks in her neck that cause shoulder pain. She mentioned having issues in the pelvic area, where I believe women hold a great deal of negative energy, and so I like to stay focused on that spot a bit longer.

I would encourage anyone who is considering taking a Reiki class but is holding back due to the class being held online instead of in-person, to enroll. You will not feel disappointed. The energy is pure and powerful, and the Ignitions are magnificent and magical. In retrospect, it works better than I could have ever expected. I have experienced profoundly deep healing in a short time practicing Karuna Reiki®. I would recommend this class to those Reiki masters who have been thinking about it. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The best part is that it keeps on giving.