Nervous Breakdown

Two years ago my husband suffered a nervous breakdown. He was misdiagnosed with Manic Depression-Bipolar and pumped full of all kinds of anti-psychotic medicines that did nothing but push him into psychosis. I lost my husband, lover, and father to my two sons for nearly two years until we found a psychotherapist that recommended he get off all medicines and start Reiki.

After the first Reiki treatment my husband came home happy and at peace. His old face returned and he stayed well for nearly eight days. He had not had one day of being his old self until that appointment.

Since then he has had three more visits for Reiki and each and every time he comes home with the most unbelievable stories of things that are so personal no one could ever know about. I am truly amazed. He is well now after just four visits. He is nearly off all medicines and looking forward to going back to work in the not too distant future. I tried Reiki myself last week and was told of a very personal event in my life that had been on my mind and it just shocked me. My husband will continue to get Reiki treatment every week until he is healed.

My boys now have their father back and my husband is slowly but surely returning to me. I thought I had lost him forever. For some reason we were lead to this Reiki master. We actually have a chance for a future filled with happiness we all thought was gone forever. It has been a very tough road.