My Dog

My seven-year-old dog's favorite thing in life is to ramble through fields and forests. Last March she was unable to walk our usual half to one-mile walk. Falling in the park one morning, my vet said there was nothing we could do. Just give her aspirin. I requested x-rays that showed no arthritis or hip dysplasia. I took her to a "complimentary vet" who could find no reason for the lameness. He prescribed vitamins and herbs and a diet change. Soon after I started those she injured herself stepping out of the door. The vet felt that she tore a ligament in her right knee which would require surgery he was not willing to do. I started using Reiki routinely twice a day along with the herbs. Every week she has gotten better and today able to do a half-mile walk without any pain. She no longer limps. I have been so grateful to have this knowledge as I have been able to help others but this time it has given me my best friend back.