My Daughter's Migraine

I am a Reiki Master and a couple of months ago my daughter came down with an unbearable migraine. Unfortunately we had run out of her prescription migraine medicine. So I ran to the drugstore to get it refilled. By the time I got home her migraine was full-blown. Her eyes were slightly crossed and unfocused. Her speech was slurred. She felt nauseous. I gave her medicine and told her to lie down on the floor on a couch mattress.

About 45 minutes later the migraine had not let up as she had taken her medicine too late. I felt so helpless. I too used to get unbearable migraines and often had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. I couldn't bear to see her suffer so! Then she asked me to put my hands on her head. I activated the power symbol and said a prayer to my guides and helpers. I imagined healing energy pouring from my hands into her head. About 20 minutes later she asked me to put my hands on her tummy, which still felt queasy, but her headache had diminished. I thought it was probably because her meds had finally kicked in.

About ten minutes later her migraine kicked in again and she asked me to put my hands on her head again. I did so and very shortly afterwards she said her migraine was completely gone! She was able to roll over and slip into a peaceful sleep after giving me a big hug. I then realized that I was an effective channel for the Reiki energy after all and I felt deeply humbled and filled with gratitude.