It's a Miracle!

Hi! I'm Kate Nicolas, 18 years old. I want to share my first experience receiving Reiki healing in my life.

I was experiencing a lot of blockages, fear, stress, lack of relaxation, emotional disturbances, sensitivity (prone to getting illness or allergies, negative emotions, traumas), paranoia about everything concerning sickness, and anything else bad that comes within my mind. I was most uncomfortable with an eye spasm until I eventually found out about Reiki healing and began research about it. I joined a group on Facebook called "Reiki Healing,” and saw that a woman posted in the group that she would be selecting one person to receive a distant reiki session as a Christmas gift.

Fast-forward, five days passed, and luckily, I was checking my message request inbox to see if someone else messaged me. I was shocked to find that I was selected to receive Reiki from the woman because I wasn't expecting she would choose me. She said that her Reiki guides told her to choose not just one, but two people. So we began talking to each other, and I asked her a few questions about Reiki healing and agreed to the Reiki session. I was amazed by the results!

After receiving the session, the spasm stopped, and it's like I'm finally back to my normal condition again! I feel so happy and free from the pitch of darkness. But, not just that folks! It was also a relieving experience, as well. It calmed my mind, my body, and my soul. So, from my point of view, when it comes to Reiki healing, nothing is impossible. Also, never underestimate the power of God; he is the most powerful being in the universe. May God bless us all.