Instantaneous Healing

Namaste to all: My name is Richard, and I have been following Reiki principles for several years now. Thought I would share a recent experience with you all. Three nights ago whilst cooking my delicous sweet corn risoles, I happeded to drop a cooked one back into the frying peanut oil. The oil splashed up all over my arm and face. I laughed at it, and didnt even care. Others in the kitchen paniced and fussed. Its alright I said. I can't burn me. I finnished what I was doing, went and wiped the oil off me, and found that no burning had even taked place. I couldnt even feel any burning. The thought processes involved in Reiki, are beyond astounding. And as the next couple of years come rolling on, the energy of our thought patterns will be only stronger. Now is the time for all those, practicing Reiki or any other form of healing to be very aware of the thoughts you think. Nothing gets you down.

In love and light. Namaste.