Incest Trauma Healed

During a Reiki session a couple years ago, it became clear to me that the young lady I was administering Reiki to carried a great sadness with her. I became aware of the spirit of an old man to the right of me during her session, and tried to ignore his image as I was still struggling to marry my beliefs as a Christian minister with Reiki. But his presence came in stronger and stronger to which I finally asked "What do I do here God?” Instantly I was made aware that this man was the young lady's grandfather who had been inappropriate with her as a young child and he was desperately seeking forgiveness and wanted me to tell her he was sorry and that he wants her to be free and receive healing as well. When I relayed the message she immediately poured her heart out in tears and shared with me that she had even confessed this situation to her folks who did not believe her, but was grateful for this experience as she was truly able to forgive her grandfather and BOTH were freed from the chains of bondage they had experienced together... Hallelujah! This was another confirmation to me of the freedom to facilitate healing for others through Reiki has brought and I am so very grateful to our lineage of teachers who have taken the courage to carry on this practice. God is good. Namaste'