I'm walking again thanks to Reiki

On July 27th, I seriously sprained an ankle and even managed to chip a bone in it. Some kind, unknown person drove me to the hospital as I was passing in and out of consciousness because of the pain. By the time we arrived at the hospital, the ankle had swollen to the size of a large softball and the bruising had begun. While waiting to be seen by a doctor, I did Reiki on the ankle. I was in the waiting room for more than an hour. After reviewing the x-rays the doctor told me that I had torn all five ligaments damaged the cartilage and chipped a bone. She told me that I would be on crutches for a minimum of two weeks or longer and then would require a cane for a month or so after that. I continued to do Reiki on the ankle two to three times a day and was walking on the foot within two days of the injury. By then the swelling had completely subsided, and the bruising, which was extensive, lasted only a week. I never did need the crutches or the cane, and now only a month later, am not experiencing any pain in the ankle. It's almost as if it never happened.