Holy Fire Meditation Releases Entity

This experience took place during an Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master class in Glastonbury, England this year. During the meditation ”Heavenly Banquet Hall” in the Abbey House, the heavenly light fell on my face through the opening in the roof. I was immediately, meditatively, pulled upwards in the direction of the third heaven. During my trip I saw an eye and then a white flower with yellow stamens. I went through the flower and came along to dark cloud patches and then saw a dark entity. I realized this was a spirit being that has been attached to me for three lifetimes. It has held me back and caused much trouble and discomfort. It would keep me up at night by making popping noises.

At first I was afraid, but the light from above guided me and strengthened me and gave me confidence. I reached out my hand and took the entity’s hand. The light became stronger and together we rose up higher and higher until the entity dissolved in the light. After this I felt a liberating feeling and a feeling of tranquility entered the room. The feeling of freedom and liberation stayed with me for some time after this experience. I had been working for more than two years to release this entity.