Heart Healed

I sort of bumped into Reiki. In 2000 I wasn't feeling well, and after a lot of tests I was told that I had had a silent heart attack. I have diabetes. I was told that I needed a heart catheterization, so one was scheduled. I live in a rural area and traveling to Syracuse, New York, was necessary. There was also a two-week wait. During this time I went with my partner to a college graduation party. There I met a woman who asked me if I was feeling OK. We discussed a few things, and then she asked me to come to her house during the week. Our schedules were pretty full and the only night I could go was the night before I traveled four hours to Syracuse for the test. I went, not knowing what I was invited for. She asked me if I had ever heard of Reiki, and I had not. She asked if she could do a treatment—what did I have to lose? The treatment was wonderful and lasted about an hour. I became very calm, then very emotional—such a release. When she was done she let me talk about anything I needed to talk about. I felt so loved, protected, and different. I had the procedure the next day. I was scared; I won't deny that. During the treatment I began to cry; fear was taking over. The doctor told me to look at the monitors. There must have been ten of them against the wall. He then told me what he saw, and didn't really understand. He said there was a very healthy heart on the screens, very healthy. There was no evidence of a heart attack, just a small valve problem. After the procedure he came to my room to talk with me. He said that he was sure I had had a heart attack—the echo, ultrasound, etc., had all indicated that I had, but there was no evidence of a heart attack. He didn't understand it, he said. I said I did. After I got home the next day I called my friend, my Reiki teacher, and told her the story. At that point my desire to know and use Reiki began. She was a Reiki Master, and from her I too have learned. Do I believe the Reiki made the difference? Yes, with all my heart and spirit. I tell this story when I teach Reiki, and always become emotional, as I am now.