Heart Healed

On 23 October, 2001, my 60th Birthday, I had a heart attack. A few days later after an angiogram showed severe blockages requiring 5 by-passes and lots of scaring from previous heart attacks which I didn’t know I had. Between 23 October 2001 and 10 December 2001, when I was opened up to get the By Passes, The surgeon noted that my heart had healed itself as the scaring was not there. Now when I asked how things were inside me the next day the surgeon told me the news. My girlfriend and I couldn’t believe what he said. But we were very happy about that as on the 1st Thursday of November I returned to where I had learned my Reiki that night 10 people gave me a joint healing for ½ hour and again the following week, (there wasn’t much room for any more hands). Add on to that what my friend and I did I sure copped heaps of Reiki. I am convinced that it was Reiki that did the trick. I have since had the scaring re-checked from another angiogram and when I received two Stints into one of the new grafts as it had become blocked. Believe me, with what I have been through this news convinced me that Reiki is no scam. I am a true believer and I am now back to walking 3-4 miles every 2nd day in one hour. I will soon be doing my Masters and I will be out there spreading the power of Reiki to those who wish it. Free Energy from the Universe. The Wonder Drug.