Healing Severe Injuries

I am a new practitioner who worked with a client who had fallen from a ladder. This woman suffered serious injuries to neck vertebrae and back and had injuries to hands and arms. Both of her eyes were black and blue, and she had been bed-ridden for seven weeks.

I offered to give her Reiki treatments in hopes that it would aid in her recovery. She agreed but was apprehensive about the treatment process. The concept of having another person's hands on her was something that was scary to her. She called my house four days later.

When I heard her voice I didn't recognize it, but she sounded clear and joyful as she spoke about her progress. I felt I was witness to a miraculous healing and the look on my face was probably comical in its expression of joy and amazement. It bolstered my belief in what I will be able to accomplish in my life as a Reiki healer.

My best to you all!