A Healing Saved My Mom

My mother has suffered from a blood disorder for several years. She is 70 years of age and just a teeny bit stubborn. I have given her several Reiki treatments and some distance healing work and she responds to the energy very well. At one point, two years ago, she had a sore on her foot and it was not healing. It became worse with time and eventually she could not walk without assistance. She lives 1,650 miles from me so I was sending her distance treatments and prayers and finally decided to make a trip to her bedside to see if I could be of more help. I asked her what her doctor was doing for her and she reported that she was being treated with washing and medication twice a day and wrapped in sheepskin. She continued to say that they were discussing amputation should it worsen and not heal. My heart ached for her and I felt that amputation was going to be the bitter end to my precious mother. I thought about it for a while before making the trip and during meditation asked the spirit guides to assist me on how to help her. During the meditation the thought came to me that the boot called "Ugg's" an Austrailian shoe made from sheepskin. I could treat the boot with symbols, mail them to her and in two days she would be healed and able to walk. So I did just that. Told her to wear them even in her sleeping hours. My mother WAS completely healed in two days, and walking to the amazement of her doctor and care providers. She is more confident and less stubborn these days and I can still enjoy her sweet spirit just a little longer.