Healing A Headache And More

Dear William, I have been using Reiki for a little under a year now and have found it to be the best gift a person can give to themselves (and others). Since having the Reiki 2 attunements, I have noticed a massive difference in the energy and seem to be more able to let go of all the things that no longer work in my life. Such life lessons always feel like a small miracle at the time, but I always seek to learn, and therefore, was delighted by your book: The Healing Touch. I had suffered a tension headache for about 3 days, when I decided to try your 'scanning' technique. Imagine my delight and surprise, when after giving myself Reiki for only a few minutes, I felt a 'pop' in the back of my neck and the headache was gone! Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing your experiences with everyone.I live in Edinburgh (Scotland), and have many good friends in the USA, mostly in Texas. One of my friends has been struggling with cancer for about a year now, and I have been sending Reiki as often as I can. Would it be possible for you (& as many people as you know) to also send her some Reiki? Her name is Kim and she lives in north Texas. Well I think I've rambled on long enough, thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us.

Kind regards,