Head On Car Collision

I was involved in a collision that totally destroyed my car. Both airbags deployed and all other safety devices. The car was a 2004 VW Beetle Convertible. Of course I always place Reiki in my car and on every window as I drive my car eight hours a day for my current position as a Community Educator with Covenant Hospice, Destin, Florida.

The car spun around three times, missing three other cars, after the impact from a Ford Expedition. The traffic was very heavy at this intersection as people were traveling for the holiday. Following the accident, I was in a hospital emergency room for six and one-half hours. I had two friends who did Reiki the entire time. One did hands-on and one sent Reiki from a distance.

The first x-rays said my sternum was broken. This is a very painful break as it takes a long time to heal and there’s not much to be done. The sternum protects the heart and lungs, and attaches the ribs so usually every breath or movement is painful. We needed to do a CT Scan of the heart and lungs because the sternum was fractured. It took another four to five hours to accomplish the CT Scan. Reiki was being done the entire time.

The results of the CT Scan showed that it was not broken. However, when I showed the first x-ray to chiropractors and other physicians they all could see the fracture. I have all documentation with dictations of the tests, as well as the x-rays that I will use in the book I am writing. I am now two and one-half weeks out, and back to work, driving, only missed two days from work and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Another co-worker broke her sternum in an auto accident about nine months ago. Was in bed for two weeks and had three months slow recovery. Thank you God, and I wish we could place Reiki practitioners in every ER in the country. Of course that would save money wouldn't it?